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ufc paris, 3 sep 2022

On Saturday, September 3rd, 2022, Jarno Errens stepped into the octagon to face off against William Gomis in his first official UFC fight. The match took place on Gomis' home turf, adding to the pressure for Errens. Despite the challenge, Errens showed confidence and skill, making it clear that this would not be his last UFC bout. 

NFC Title fight, 18 dec 2021

On December 18th, 2021, Jarno Errens faced off against Max 'Mad' Coga in Düsseldorf for the NFC Feather weight title. Despite all the trash talk, the fight was over in just 1 minute and 7 seconds, when Jarno knocked out Max and took home the title. Jarno proved that he not only had a big mouth, but also the skills to win. An incredibly fast victory for Jarno Errens - the new NFC Feather weight champion!

uae warriors, 4 sep 2021

On September 4th, 2021, Jarno Errens made his debut for UAE Warriors in Abu Dhabi, facing off against the undefeated Ali Kabdulla. The fight was intense from start to finish, with both fighters giving it their all. In the end, the judges declared the fight a draw. Nevertheless, Jarno fought with heart and determination, and his performance in this fight has earned him the respect of many in the MMA community.



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